Recompensa Park

Affordable home for rent Curacao

Affordable homes for rent ion Curacao may seem impossible to find but that is absolutely not the case. Of course, it is not easy to make a selection over the Internet. Some websites promise everything but once on site, you will find out that the truth is severely distorted and where you thought you were renting an affordable home, you are surprised at the end of your holiday on Curacao with a whole list of additional costs.

At Recompensa Park, located next to the beautiful beaches of Curacao, this cannot happen. Renting our affordable homes means you are booking a complete package including electricity, water, cleaning as well as transportation to and from the airport and even a package with drinks and food for the first day.

But there is another reason why our guests always come back and some even live permanently on our park, our unique homely and friendly atmosphere. Friendliness and fun are high on our list of priorities. All our guests should be able to enjoy their fantastic holiday on Curacao.

If you are not convinced yet or simply want to soak up our atmosphere, take a look at the pictures on our website, the park as well as our facilities and properties are described in detail.

If you still have any questions about renting our affordable homes on Curacao, please contact us.

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Affordable home for rent Curacao